Who Owns Wizza? Is Wizza Real or Scam?

Rob Hunt – Owner of Wizza Ltd. But it is not real. If you search for any browser input, Who Owns Wizza? You first see a result, that Rob Hunt. Actually, there is no information about the Domain Owner of Wizza. But it doesn’t prove, Wizza is fake or Scam. For more details, please read the full article.

What is Wizza?

Now you know who owns Wizza. Let’s know all about Wizza.Wizza is a popular award-winning website for purchasing tickets online. You can get luxury cars, vacation offers, and much more by purchasing a ticket for just $0.05. To do this you need to get rid of the Wizza sketch on the Wizza website, then you will find different types of giveaways that are in your destiny.

Every sale has the potential to win prizes. If you purchase a product from Wizza, with that product you will have a chance to win a prize, you will have to go to the Wizza website to clear the sketch and the tokens will be sorted randomly. You have to select any one token, then if you release the sketch, you will get one or the other prize. With it, you can probably get the most luxurious car, the opportunity to travel long distances and much more.

Wizza is currently a popular company that offers them a chance to win a high-priced prize with each product they sell. The owner of the company posts a new Wizz Sweepstakes every week. To win regular prizes from the Wizza sketch website, you must keep a regular eye on their website.

On the Wizza website, you will have the opportunity to win a certain number of prizes for a certain period of time, but if the timeline of the specified period is exhausted, Wizza will again shuffle the content of the prizes.

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Wizza’s Policy and Privacy

Besides, who owns Wizza, you should also know about Wizza’s Policy and Privacy. Wizza’s Occasionally in America, many companies and online systems bring in a lot of fraud and scams Which is the cause of suffering for the people. So all of a sudden if a company starts giving away every product they sell, from luxury cars to expensive watches, long-travel facilities, etc., then the question arises, is this company a scam?

Wizza.com is an online portal that allows people to buy tickets for a small fee to win the lottery. They believe that if they collect a small amount of money from a huge number of people, they will benefit if they divide the huge amount of money among a few.

They use the power of online platforms to bring about change. What is Wizza’s policy? They get a chance to donate by buying nominal tickets. However, the donor must be a resident of the United States. Wizza is giving them this opportunity.

To win the Wizza giveaway, buy a ticket:

By buying just one ticket, you will be eligible for huge prizes from luxury cars. You can also get the most valuable prize from Wizza.

Supporting influenza, for Wizza Income:
You can support your favorite influenza and work for them, and the Wizza website will give you this opportunity.
Partner with social media Blogger:
Wizza takes various steps to increase its popularity in a short period of time. One of these is to partner with upcoming talented social media bloggers.
Wizza drow their token randomly:
Wizza always does the work of equality for all. It doesn’t matter where you donate the most or donate a penny. Wizza selects the winner and sorts the tokens randomly.
Win Biggest Epic from Wizza:
You can win the biggest epic with a very small grant, where the winner will be selected from the random of huge tokens, you can stay there too.
Wizza Accepts Charitable Donations:
Wizza also accepts charitable donations and makes them open to everyone, making it an epic, healthy, and viral giveaway. Which raises awareness and pays dividends for more acceptable reasons.
Benefits of Wizza Community:
Your purchased tickets for which events, that event is subconsciously sponsored and which are very beneficial for the community.
Don’t Worry about the Wizza Scam:
Wizza frees you from worries. There are no third parties such as political parties, relatives, friends, or payments. The winner will be selected by the only Wizza community leader and manufacturer.
Distribute Funding from Collected Tickets: Fundraising with tickets is usually divided into two parts. A portion of the money is utilized to support the community of the website and among the creators of spreading viral causes. The other part is used to buy prizes and for overall advertising.
Contact with Address:
Their contact address is 2155 E Warner Rd 85284 Tempe, Arizona.
Contact with Phone Number:
You can call them at +14806242599 for more queries. Their email address is Wizza com@domainsbyproxy.com

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How to win a prize at Wizza?

How to win a prize at Wizza
Winn Daily Wizza

If you want to test your luck with Wizza, you must follow some Wizza rules and instructions.

  1. You should always use an active device with an internet connection.
  2. You go to any browser and search by typing wizza.com and entering the Wizza website.
  3. You will notice some rewards features and some new rewards features.
  4. Take a closer look at the features of those awards and enter any one of your choices.
  5. After selecting the Rewards feature of your choice, go to the next page. There you will find all the details and features of the product, even the date of the award announcement.
  6. Click on the product to win and see how much you have to pay to win the product.
  7. Then notice the form. Give all the information you need there, and fill out the form consciously.
  8. The next page will come to you with all the paid documentaries. Sell any payment media of your choice and click confirm.
  9. Now you have to wait until the announcement date, then you will know whether you are lucky or not.

You can apply for a double-entry to increase your chances of winning the prize. See the Wizza official website for more necessary instructions.

Is Wizza Real or Scam?

Wizza has been around since 2001 and is still very much in its infancy. As you can see, Wizza’s trust score is 84.7% which proves that the site is successful and trustworthy. Wizza has done a lot of service work so far and has partnered with many influential communities.

The small amount of money to buy a ticket is enough to pay for any US resident. It is designed for needy people who can change their lives by winning an award. Moreover, there are some more important reasons.

Is Wizza Reall?

Wizza has some sketchy principles that have built an incredibly powerful platform. If you want to pay more, your chances of winning the prize will be much lower. Nowadays some young and tempting people do all those immoral activities to easily win prizes, where Wizza is very cautious.

Although no information has been found about the domain owner, Wizza is a very old company and still in good condition. However, it is doubtful that it stores no any information about the Wizza that has been published yet. Even on Wikipedia, you won’t find any information about Wizza. Although an account of the Wizza owner can be found on LinkedIn, that account is not active. So we can’t say we strongly supported Wizza.

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Inquiry about Wizza Giveaway Company

Many people have inquired about Wizza and given their statements. Many are dissatisfied with the Wizza policy and have expressed frustration with the Wizza. Someone has said that Wizza is a fraudulent company, where money is greedily taken for the sake of winning prizes.

However, many special reviews have given their opinion about Wizza. Where positive comments can be noticed. However, there is no such thing as an old product of Wizza. Wizza has provided legitimate links to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to help spread the word, and many bloggers have posted content promoting Wizza on their YouTube channels. You can get better insight through their promotion strategy.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Wizza a Scam Company?

No, most of the reliable sources and customer feedback prove that Wizza is Real and not a scam company.

Have any information about Wizza on Wikipedia?

No, there is no information about Wizza on Wikipedia. It’s a matter of sorrow that their legality doesn’t prove by providing information on Wikipedia.

Have any information about the Domain owner of Wizza?

No, there is no additional information about the domain owner of Wizza. It’s also suspicious. But, it doesn’t prove, Wizza is a Scam? The reason, they are still continuing their services.

How does Wizza make money?

Wizza usually earns money by selling tickets. For example, he saved an estimated $5000 by selling 1000,00 tickets, of which he bought prizes with $4000 and paid $ 600 for advertising, partners, and other expenses. The remaining $400 is their income.

How can I get Wizza for free?

If you want to get a free Wizza award (excluding any purchases), you need to keep an eye on Wizza, when do they start their campaign? During the promotion of Wizza, during this period – you have to log in to the Wizza website and complete the ID verification.

Then handprint the mail on a 4″ x  6″ postcard with your full name, home address, street number, verified email, and exact date of birth. However, no external envelope should be used. Then a token will be given in your name at the time of awarding and you too can get the highest reward from Wizza.


Finally, you know who owns Wizza. For some questions, Wizza is in a dubious position, where their trust score is 84.7% and they are still successfully going through customer service. You must do more research for additional information, but we advise you to be cautious.

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