Who Owns Alfa Romeo? (Complete History)

If you are a fan of cars you already know that Alfa Romer is one of the best luxury car manufacturers company in Italy. But do you know who owns Alfa Romeo? Let’s face it.

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) owns Alfa Romeo since 2007. With the strong dominance of the FCA, Alfa Romeo is still in full swing in Italy. At the top of the list of luxurious and aesthetic among them are the Model 4C Spider and Giulia, which have made the Italian city a spectacle.

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Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Overview

Type Subsidiary
Industry Automotive
Founded 24 June 1910; 111 years ago (as A.L.F.A.)
Milan, Lombardy, Italy
  • Ugo Stella
  • Nicola Romeo
Turin, Piedmont
Area served
Key people
Jean-Philippe Imparato (CEO)
Products Luxury cars
Production output
54,304 units (2020)
Brands Quadrifoglio
Owner Stellantis
Parent FCA Italy S.p.A.
Website www.alfaromeo.com

History of Alfa Romeo’s Ownership

Hugo Stella of Cavalier acquired shares of an autonomous Italian plant on the outskirts of Milan, Italy in 1910. The plant was then called “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili”, abbreviated ALFA.

1932 was a time of rapid expansion and development of ALFA and ALFA went under the ownership of the Italian state holding company. At that time ALFA joined the Fiat Group and in February 2007, ALFA was converted to ALFA Romeo Automobiles SPA.

ALFA then debuted as an affiliate of the Fiat group, which is now known as Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

Alfa Romeo's Ownership History

Alfa Romeo’s New Improvement and Identity

ALFA Romeo operates as a subsidiary under the FCA. But through Italian law, ALFA is a self-sufficient and functioning autonomous organization.

We see the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio as a great gift from Alfa in 2017 and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio in 2018 as a wonderful design that has some great craftsmanship as a response. That’s how Alpha continues to provide some gorgeous top design and athletic handling.

If you want to experience a sophisticated and luxurious car, and without the slightest waste of money in terms of price, you can definitely put the Alfa Romeo lineup at the top of your list of choices.

Alfa Romeo is made in which country?

Like, who owns Alfa Romeo, where was Alfa Romeo made? is also a common question. Alfa Romeo cars are still being made in Italian cities. One of the reasons for this is to maintain the continuity of the indigenous style and its own worldwide tradition.

Already, the historic Italian brand has entered the US market with some of its most powerful and groundbreaking vehicles, such as the Giulia Sport sedan and the Stelvio luxury crossover. Alfa Romeo is still now the best manufacturer in the world for its fastest racecar and they are holding their inheritance in the 20th century.

The Alfa Romeo is back in the US market, bringing with it the most unique and recognized luxury car they have ever produced. South Carolina drivers are now able to turn their heads and take easy hard road turns, one of the biggest performances of Italian design. Which gives a kind of high-class style to the street.

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The Alfa Romeo has been Part of The History Planet Alfa Romeo

If you want to get all the aesthetic designs and wonderful looks of Alfa Romeo’s new craftsmanship, you can decorate your new or old Alfa Romeo today at Plant Alfa Romeo.

With a new Alfa Romeo Giulia, its sleek and dynamic exterior design will impress you and make any driver feel premium to get a mid-size sedan with thrilling high performance.

Learn about Alfa Romeo’s amazing features, interior functionality, dimensions, and outstanding luxury performance, then contact Planet Alfa Romeo in Miami to get the wheel of the sedan.

Alfa Romeo is currently a Global Premium Brand

Alfa Romeo, first developed as a sub-brand of the Fiat Group, and then as a component of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and at present with the Stalantis Global Automotive Group, has gained a worldwide reputation as a global premium brand.

Although Alpha is still struggling with sales growth and financial well-being. Their latest product plan includes some aggressive rollouts over the next 5 years. Their latest goal is to become the most electric by 2027.

In a recent statement, Larry Dominic said that in the next 5 years, Alfa Romeo is planning to move to EV in all directions, offering more in more segments for US buyers that will implement their near-term plans.

Its parent company, Stellantis, is now within global reach, selling 8 million cars a year. According to this calculation, Stellantis is now the planet’s fourth-largest automaker. Alfa Romeo’s strongest position since it was established. The company was founded approximately 110 years ago.

The Company of Alfa Romeo’s Perspective

In addition to the car, designer, race, and engine content, the Alfa Romeo stands firm as a technological and sports milestone of the twentieth century, an important chapter in the great history of the nineties in their motoring world.

Alfa Romeo, a very popular organization built with the work of thousands of people, pride of professionalism, MDS talent, staff, and skilled managers, carries their existence today.

People today are not only engaged in the world of driving for the purpose of driving on the road, they drive today to prove their nobility and to show high luxury, which has come in the hands of Alfa Romeo. The Alfa Romeo has introduced human driving into the realm of emotion, which is very effective in the mind.

The Alfa Romeo has brought to the world an aesthetic taste and sophisticated engineering that welcomes people into the world of emotions and realizes the desire to express one’s personality.

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The rise and fall of Alfa Romeo 

Since the beginning of the collaboration with Fiat, nothing has gone according to plan. The first Alfa Romeo car, the 164 sedans, produced by Fiat, was delayed. Fiat engineers took a long time to maintain their quality and add a powerful 2.0-liter engine.

Fiat was far behind in bringing the new craft Alfa Romeo to market, leaving U.S. distributors with no option but to sell the older version of the older Alpha Romeo Spider model. Romeo Milano is another model that has lost a lot of credibility in the market due to poor preparation by Fiat engineers and various problems.

Chrysler is a joint venture with Alfa Romeo, where Chrysler was very dissatisfied with the business deal with Alfa Romeo. So with the withdrawal of Chrysler, all responsibility falls into the hands of Fiat, and in all Alfa Romeo cars service and engineering comes Fiat. As a result, sales of the Alfa Romeo have dropped dramatically.

Rise and Fall in the 1990s

Although Fiat engineers came up with an idea for the 155 to bring the declining Alfa Romeo to development, the car was launched in Europe in 1992, but sales have not been as good. Where analysts blamed their weak and internal design.

The Fiat Alfa Romeo 155 stopped production in the United States due to rapid debt growth and declining incomes. In 1993, the Alfa Romeo reduced car production by 24 percent, with most of it sold in Europe.

Fiat Management’s decision not to sell the new Alfa Romeo Spider Convertible, Spider Coupe, or the newly designed 145 hatchbacks in the United States made the company more likely to fall out of the US market.

Despite such failures, Fiat didn’t abandon the legend name of Alfa Romeo but rather thought about how to strengthen its position in the market. Throughout the 1990s, the company began reviving the Alfa Romeo. The goal of their return was to raise quality standards and enhance design excellence.

The first step in the Success of Alfa Romeo

In 1998, Fiat officially brought the Alfa Romeo back to the market, along with the 156 sedan model. Which won the European Car of the Year award and the sales around it increased incredibly. The success of Alfa Romeo came this year in 1998. Ordering 200,000 cars from about 60 countries led Alfa Romeo to success.

With the launch of the 166 sedans, the Alfa Romeo reached another milestone in 1999. The 166 sedan was in the same class as the Mercedes E-Series, designed to stay competitive. In the same year, they celebrated their 90th anniversary. 166 156 successfully influenced the European market and reached the top of popularity.

The return of the Alfa Romeo image was still not enough to save Fiat from loss. After incurring losses of over US$100 million in 1999, they have admitted that they are looking for a partnership automotive company.

Alfa Romeo’s new contract with General Motors

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Alfa Romeo Company entered into a new contract with General Motors. In the share swap agreement, Fiat gave GMK – a 20 percent stake and Fiat received a 5.1 percent stake from GM. This made the Italian company the largest GM shareholder, with two European companies promising to expand into the Latin language.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Alfa Romeo’s Present Owner?

The current owner of the Alfa Romeo is Stellantis N.V. –  a multinational automotive manufacturing corporation. Which was formed in 2021 by a 50-50 cross-border combination of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the French PSA Group. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Does BMW Own Alfa Romeo?

BMW does not own the Alfa Romeo. BMW owns Mini and Rolls Royce. Many ask this question, did BMW own the Alfa Romeo or not? The question has a good deal, of course, because the Alfa Romeo’s 166 sedan competes with the BMW.

Does Ferrari Own Alfa Romeo?

Alfa Romeo is not owned by Ferrari. They currently operate as an associate owned by FIAT Chrysler. There was a time when Ferrari and Alfa Romeo were under the same (symbolic) roof, but they are history today.

Who Owns Alfa Romeo F1?

Fiat owns the Italian brand Alfa Romeo F1. The season that started in 2018, F1 is back in the new contract. Where a technical and commercial visionary formula has been signed. The official name of F1 will be Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team. Alfa Romeo is world-famous for its historic racing and technological excellence. The F1 serves as its cornerstone.

Is Alfa Romeo Stelvio a luxury car?

Yes, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a luxurious and high-powered compact SUV. Its excellent handling supply system and thrust base engine which is something to be proud of. The top-spec Quadriphoglio has a more rugged V6, which dominates the single when walking down the street.


In the end, we know who owns Alfa Romeo and can say that the Alfa Romeo, despite its traditional taste and proper review of the genre, was largely overshadowed by its ownership of various companies. Today’s Alfa Romeo has come a long way overcoming many obstacles and tasting the ultimate success. In the twentieth century, Fiat once again dreamed of the Alfa Romeo in the American market, which is surprising.

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