Who Owns 1800 Tequila? Are They Good?

Are you a fan of tequila? If yes, then you must know about 1800 Tequila, one of the most popular Mexican tequila brands. But do you know who owns 1800 Tequila? If not, let’s know it.

Who Owns 1800 Tequila?

The Beckmann Family owns the 1800 Tequila Brand. In 1975, the Beckmann Family launched their flagship brand, which has been distributing “1800 Tequilas” throughout the United States since 2008.

1800 Tequila is a Mexican tequila brand, which bottled tequila in a blue agave with 100% certainty in Jalisco, Mexico. They also own the Jose Cuervo brand.

1800 Tequila General Profle

Type Tequila
Manufacturer Agavera Camichines
Distributor Proximo Spirits
Country of origin Mexico
Introduced 1975
Alcohol by volume 35–50% abv
Proof (US) 70–100
Related products List of tequilas
Website 1800tequila.com

Is 1800 Tequila a Good Brand?

Made with 100% Agave, the 1800 Tequila brand product is well-established around the world. The 1800 Tequila brand was created by the White Godfather. Porfidio Tequila Extra Anejo was produced three years ago. Which is much less developing than expected.

Agave reposado whose special properties are made with 100% reposado agave. It deserves high praise. This makes the spirits the smoothest flavors on our list.

Is 1800 Tequila better than Patron?

Sheriff! If the sheriff’s drink is a straight drink, the patron is undoubtedly higher. For a margarita, 1800 tequila would be desirable. However, it is important to note that it is not worthwhile to add a nice Patron to margaritas since the rest of the ingredients are muted.

If you put Patron and 1800 Tequila side by side, you will see that Patron is much smoother than 1800. The 1800 hangover is one that definitely lasts two days, Patron (Silver) IMO is still a more refined tequila.

This comment was made by a prominent owner of a nightclub who had the opportunity to directly review customer morale and interests and highlight the demand between Patron and 1800.

Is 1800 Tequila considered a top shelf?

No, but it is more expensive and expensive. Patron is a brand of tequila that is produced and operated by the Bacardi Company. It grows from the blue agave tree, which is found only in Mexico. Patron Oak Barrel is three years old and 80 proof bottled 40% alcohol.

1800 tequila is available in different flavors. Some popular flavors are found in various fruits, such as strawberries, grapefruit, orange, mango, passion fruit, coconut, vanilla, pineapple, etc. It is definitely a popular drink that is already being used in cocktails. Margarita, Daiquiri, Mojito, Cuban Libra, etc. are some of the examples.

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Who Owns Jose Cuervo?

Jose Cuervo is the best-selling and most popular brand of tequila, one-fifth of the tequila-used brand is sold worldwide. The Beckmann family is the owner and founder of Jose Cuervo, who has been managing and overseeing it for a long time.

jose cuervo tequila

The Beckmann family is a direct descendant of Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo. Juan-Domingo Beckmann, the company’s sixth-generation head, inherited the position from his grandfather.

Is Jose Cuervo Actually Tequila? What is true?

Jose Cuervo is not entirely agave. We can’t really call it Tequila. We also can’t say it’s not Tequila again. Jose Cuervo’s affordable price and its rich texture and blend have transformed it into an excellent workhorse tequila.

But Jose Cuervo is made with 51 percent blue agave, where the chances of calling it a tequila are a bit higher. Technically you can call it tequila, yes. But it is definitely a mixto. According to Mexican law, tequila should be produced from 51 percent of Blue Agave. This means that if there is less than 100 percent agave, it must be considered as “mixto”.

Where great Tequilas are labeled as 100 percent agave, you must be careful. Because it may not be 100 percent agave, where you are thinking. The label should be clear, 100% de agave, 100% puro de agave, 100% agave. It works well enough to blend into a good margarita, but it may not be advisable for a neat sip.

Is Don Julio Blanco better than Jose Cuervo? Don Julio vs Jose Cuervo

Don Julio Blanco:

Here is an in-depth comparison between the two artificial and popular Blanco tequilas: Don Julio Blanco vs. Jose Cuervo Traditional Plata. Which of them is the best and most acceptable? Which would make a good margarita?

Don Julio’s is strong alcohol that will introduce you to this warm aroma. With it, you will find it quite smooth and sweet, which will probably balance your taste nicely.

However, it is a slightly thinner concentration in the medium stage, where your desire will be a slightly deeper concentration and you will get a longer feeling. Overall, Don Julio Blanco is a solid drink that will make deep friendships with newcomers to the tequila world and they will enjoy them in a heavenly spirit.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver:

Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver is a 100% Agave Tequila. It’s certainly much better than his mixto sibling Jose Cuervo Especial Silver, but it may not be his biggest achievement. It definitely makes a decent mixer that will add a kick to your margarita, although there are many options on the market at this price.

Don Julio Blanco is available in the market for $53. And Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver is available for $24.

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Is Don Julio Blanco better than a Patron? Don Julio Vs Patron.

Don Julio and Patron Tequila both give a luxurious and irresistible taste while sipping. Both the brands are considered well-known and sophisticated brands in the market. Don Julio and Patron Tequila are both top Tequila brands but can vary on personal preference and acceptance.

1800 tequila vs patron

Don Julio is world-famous for making their aged tequila where the blue agave tree is used and adds an extraordinary flavor.

Patron, on the other hand, uses the agave plant and is prepared in a variety of flavors, but it is fermented for three days. Patron tequila is verified where it is completely blending-free. Nothing extra is added to the pattern to enhance their taste, smell, or receptivity.

Some of those things are likely to be additives, such as coloring, oak extract, glycerin, and synthetic agave. Don Julio Tequila, meanwhile, can’t be verified, it’s hard to understand whether they add something to change their taste and color.

Casamigos Blanco vs Patrón Silver: Which is better Tequila?

Casamigos Blanco

Casamigos Blanco is very sweet, smooth, and easy to sip because it has no roughness. Blanco usually causes a sore throat, but this is not a problem. You can drink it neatly but serving on the stone will be the exception, much more wonderful and delightful. You can drink it in a mixer if you want, although we wouldn’t recommend it. Casamigos Blanco is much more expensive in a mixer.

You can spend $20 – $30 to make a cocktail, this is a simple calculation for your margarita. If you spend more, it is nothing but a waste of valuable money. Bad tequila made in Paloma is almost impossible to call good, and worse if it is mixed with coke.

When Casamigos was created by Geros Clooney and his partner Randy Garber, it was a top-shelf brand. They wanted an easy sipper without any burns and as a result, would not have a hangover the next day. So they ate tequila until they got the distiller to supply their drums. Casamigos is 100% Agave. Since this tequila is made entirely from agave, drinking it prevents headaches.

Casamigos Blanco vs Patrón Silver

Patron Silver

Patron Silver is considered creamy, it has a good texture and a wonderful agave flavor. Although it will irritate the palate a bit like pepper. Patron is an original tequila with a congenital flavor profile because it does not use any additives or sweeteners in the manufacturing process.

This tequila is good enough in its position and quality products but lags behind in the competitive market. Especially for its price, many tequilas are available in the market, which are relatively affordable and popular.

Casamigos is a good and rich tequila for sipping, with high-quality vanilla and a sweet minty note. A patron cannot be called bad, because of its traditional taste and unmistakable clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns agave tequila?

Mexico’s Agave Rescuers plan to use Tequila, which was completely exclusive and the first. In April 2013, Issaquah, Washington- Federico Ramos, co-owner of the Agave restaurant, led a team to the Casa Herradura, in the heart of Tequila Heartland, Mexico, to get just one barrel of tequila.

Tequila is produced exclusively from the Azul Agave plant. It grows in one of the five Mexican states, so its market value and demand are much higher. The agave plant is cut, pruned, pressed, and distilled to create the final tequila.

What Brands of Tequila are 100 Blue Agave?

1800 Tequila is a significant brand in the world of spirits that is hugely popular in the spirit market. Since 2008, the 1800 Tequila Spirit product has been distributed throughout the United States and has been sold by Proximo Spirits in Jersey City, New Jersey 2008.

Does Jose Cuervo own the brand?

Considering the volume, Jose Cuervo is the most popular Tequila brand in the world. Gold and Silver is its sub-brands, which include specials such as Jose Cuervo Traditional, Jose Cuervo Reserve de la Familia, and Jose Cuervo Platino among others.

Moreover, the brands that are internationally famous 1800, Centenario, and Maestro Tequilero Dobel, among others.

Is Jose Cuervo a mixto?

As we have already discussed, Jose Cuervo is a mixto tequila. It contains 51 percent agave, which is an acceptable tequila under Mexican law. It is famous for its smooth taste and low price.

Who owns Blue Agave Chicago?

Samantha Gonzalez owns a tequila bar and restaurant at Blue Agave and is a resident of Mexico. He worked in a family restaurant with his grandmother and with her father, but then he went to Kendall College to study hospitality management. Her grandmother’s recipes and the amazing cuisine and tequila re-impress her with her cooking skills.


Finally, you know all about who owns 1800 Tequila Brand or who are not. Moreover, here we described more brands that are also owned by The Beckmann Family. Thanks for reading. Stay connected with Tips Guider to get more interesting articles like this.

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