What is a Dinger in Baseball ?

Dinger is a confusing word in the world of sports. It is one of the most exciting things that can happen in baseball. Most people think it is a bell or something like that. But the question remains—what is a dinge in Baseball, exactly? Here’s what you need to know about this baseball term.

What is a Dinger in Baseball Term?

Dinger is the act of hitting the ball over the outfield fence in baseball. It is a line drive hit into the stands that result in a home run. The word dinger can be used to describe any kind of homerun.

It is called a dinger because the ball makes a noise like a ding! when it hits the bat and again when it hits the stands, resulting in that ringing noise you hear when someone hits an inside-the-park home run, which is the technical definition of a dinger.

If a batter hits the ball over the fence and into the stands, he will receive credit for both a home run and at least one RBI if there are runners on base. 

Home Run in Baseball

How the Term Dinger Came in Baseball

A dinger (or, in baseball slang, simply ding) is slang for a home run. It’s believed to have been coined by batters who found their success at home plate was directly related to how dinged up they were—the more beat up they were, or dinged up, on any given day, the harder it was for pitchers to get them out.

Ever seen someone look like they’ve gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson before taking BP? There’s your definition of dinged-up—and it might explain why that guy then hits .400. No wonder he’s called a ballplayer and not an athlete!

Other Terms for Home Runs

Homeruns, Extra-base hits, Runs batted in (RBIs), Long Balls and Sayonara Slams. If you want to know what a dinger in baseball is you’re going to want to learn more about home runs. A home run occurs when a batter hits a ball over all of the bases, from home plate to third base, including touching home plate with your bat.

It’s one of five different ways for you to score runs when at bat (the others are: walk, hit by pitch, error on defense and single). Some of history’s best hitters have smashed hundreds of dingers! Babe Ruth was known as much for his impressive number of career home runs as he was for his legendary drinking abilities.

Today’s all-time Home Run Record Holders

Currently there are 8 players who have hit more than 700 home runs. Hank Aaron (755) Barry Bonds (762) Babe Ruth (714) Willie Mays (660) Alex Rodriguez (696)* Albert Pujols (645*) Frank Robinson(586) Ken Griffey Jr.(590)* Sammy Sosa(609)** *- Active **- Suspended for using Performance Enhancing Drugs during his career. Sosa has not played since 2007 and will likely never play baseball again due to rumors of continuing to use illegal substances. However, he still currently holds 5th place on all time list with only 759 HRs.

How Did Dinger Become a Thing and Why do People Like it?

Honestly, no one would have guessed that word and would have recognized it, but someone probably said it one day during a game or during a BP and got stuck a little. It might sound weird, but it’s partially blocked because it looks good. Who wants to say “Well it was a homecoming” when you could say “CLOSED!” and everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about. It has a certain fluidity and a note that when it rolls off the tongue is just…magical.


From my personal experience, I use this word when going out and practicing racquets with my closest friends. When I hit a ball very well, that’s the first word that comes to mind.

So next time you go to a local baseball game, look up the word “things” because you know exactly what these ballers are talking about!


If you’re not sure what kind of at-bat leads to a home run, we’ve got you covered. The term dinger is so common that it doesn’t come up on Google when looking for dinger in baseball. Instead, you have to search for home run definition. In short, then, when there are two strikes on a batter and he manages to hit a fly ball that ends up clearing home plate, it’s called a dinger.To know more on baseball stay connected with Tips Guider.


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