What is a 2 Book Series Called?

Two Book Series called Duology. It is a very important question, when you are in deep and professional business, you have to introduce yourself as a professional. A series of 2 books called Duology, such a series of 3 books called Trilogy, a series of 4 books called Tetralogy, and gradually the series of the list are Pentalogy, Hexology, and so on.

Now we will discuss what is a 2 series of books called, shortening the name of the book series name. And also the importance of series names and how you can use them in your real life etc.

What is a 2 Book Series Called Explanation

Duology or you can say its shortened name ‘Duo’, is a series of two book series. Book series always contain the consistency of book flow. A writer writes his series book when it goes over the flowing facts with consistency. 

I can mention two series of books or Duology books. They are somehow more popular with their connected story. They are in Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo is the writer of this series book. 

The most popular Duology book is Warcross, the writer of this book series is Marie Lu

Warcross by Marie Lu
Warcross by Marie Lu

If I Stay, by Gayle Forman. The story of this book is directly connected with Mia, who was faced with a terrible accident. When she arose while taking medicine, the doctor and others were surprised. 

At last, I can mention a Duo book name, which is so attractive and enjoyable if you read. Describing a short trailer, The Wrath and the Dawn. The writer of this book series is Renee Ahdieh.  He is a very talented writer. This book is an Arabian Story with one thousand and one night. 

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What is a 3 book Series Called? 

A series of 3 books called Trilogy. Its shortened name is ‘Trio’. When the book series goes over three flows containing the consistency of the story, then the writer goes into the series of books. The three flows of the story are created in a separate book, then you can read the Trilogy of books. 

The Broken Earth Trilogy is covered with a woman’s tragedy. Who has seen rips of the biggest season according to her story in a day? When she returned home and she saw, that her husband killed her daughter and kidnapped her son. The writer is N.K. Jemisin is a brilliant and tragic writer. 

‘Area X’ by Jeff VanderMeer, the story starts with  Annihilation, where four unnamed women are identified by their profession. And then they are investigating Area X. 

More Trio books are ‘Lilith’s Brood‘, ‘The MaddAddam Trilogy, and ‘The Bill Hodges Trilogy.’

The MaddAddam Trilogy
The MaddAddam Trilogy

What is a 4 Books Series Called? 

The series of 4 books is called Tetralogy. There are no arguments, books must go one flow way for introducing a series. The series of books may contain the writer’s novel or list. But the writing zone must contain particular points of books. Like novels, poems, fiction, etc. The shortened name of Tetralogy is ‘Tetrao’. 

Some books of Tetralogy are – Alexandria Quartet (1957–1960) by Lawrence Durrell, The Book of the New Sun (1980–1983) by Gene Wolfe, and The Ware Tetralogy (1982–2000) by Rudy Rucker, etc.

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