US Xpress EIN Number


US Xpress EIN Number  is 62-1378182

US Xpress Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or US Xpress Federal Tax Identification Number is also the same.

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Basic Profile of US Xpress

Organization Name Us Xpress Enterprises Inc
US Xpress EIN Number 62-1378182
Doing Business As Us Xpress Enterprises Inc
Type of business Trucking (no Local)

Business and Contact Details

Business Phone 4235103000
Business Address 4080 Jenkins Road
Business City Chattanooga
Business State Tennessee
Business ZIP 37421

US Xpress Mailing Address

Mailing Address 4080 Jenkins Road
Mailing City Chattanooga
Mailing State Tennessee
Mailing ZIP 37421

US Xpress Incorporation Details:

Central Index Key (CIK) 923571
End of fiscal year 31 December
Incorporation State Nevada
Incorporation Subdivision Nevada
Incorporation Country US
Filing Year 2020

What Is US Xpress?

US Xpress has been the go-to package delivery service in the United States. The cornerstone of US Xpress has always been its dedication to providing high-quality trucking services for all sorts of commercial clients. From large industry customers like U.S. Steel to rural farmers, almost anyone can find a place in their fleet for a trucker from US Xpress. With such a huge variety of drivers, though, it might be difficult to understand just what type of service each of them can provide.

Why You Should Choose US Xpress?

If you have ever seen a US Xpress truck on its way from one city to another, chances are you noticed its yellow stripes. This color sets US Xpress apart from other trucking companies. It also acts as a safety precaution to keep its drivers out of harm’s way.

Along with these stripes, US Xpress provides 24/7 driver support in case of an emergency or issue that needs immediate attention. It also offers access to Home Base USA® amenities, which allow drivers to live close to work while having access to anything they need. In addition, each truck has beds available that can sleep two people at once for added comfort during long hauls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who founded US Express?

Max Fuller and Patrick Quinn founded the US Xpress in 1986.

Is U.S. Xpress a good company?

Yes, US Xpress is a good company.

Is U.S. Xpress a public company?

Once it was a public company but now they are private.

What companies are owned by U.S. Xpress?

Dedicated Xpress, Express Consolidated, U.s Xpress Logistics, and Xpress Global Systems are owned by US Xpress.

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