Tremont Towing Owner: Who Owns It in 2022? Is It Real?

Tremont Towing Owner

We all know about Tremont Towing, a family-owned famous towing business in Miami Beach. But did know about the Tremont Towing owner. Here we will know all about the owner of Tremont Towing.

Who Owns Tremont Towing?

Robert Ashenoff Sr. owns Tremont Towing. He is also the founder and general manager of Tremont Towing. Robert Ashenoff Sr. is a Professional Towing & Recovery Consultant of Florida according to his Linkedin profile. Now we will discuss Robert Ashenoff Sr.the owner of Tremont towing and also Tremont Towing’s journey, with the popular TruTv Series South Beach Tow, and everything. 

All About Tremont Towing Owner Robert Ashenoff Sr

Robert Ashenoff Sr. is an American Actor and he is loudly popular for South Beach Tow. His nickname is ‘Robbie Jr’, is the senior driver at Tremont Towing as a cast. And also he is the star of the TruTv Series of South Beach Tow.

Robbie is more famous for  Orville Peck: Daytona Sand (2022) and South Beach Tow (2011). His height is 6′ 7″ (2.01 m). Robert Ashenoff Sr. is the cousin of Charles Ashenoff aka Konnan. Robert Ashenoff Jr. is also – Co-general manager (24%) of the South Beach Towing office. 

Robert Ashenoff Sr. – The Owner of Tremont Towing

Robert Ashenoff Sr, a general manager of Tremont Towing for the past 24 years, is no stranger to contributing on a large scale.  He was abused, spat on, and even had his teeth knocked out – all for South Beach parking maintenance rules and regulations. As described by his son, “I am afraid that is only man”. He is trained three times a week as a boxer and enjoys the last period of time with his family. 

Robert Ashenoff Sr. experiences: 

  • He has been the owner of Miami Beach since 1987.
  • He also has been contributing as an owner of South Beach Tow Recovery & Entertainment since 1987 as a big part of Miami Beach.
  • He is also General Manager, COO, and Licensed Private Investigator of Beach towing inc.

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What is Tremont Towing? Is It Real?

Tremont Towing is a family-run towing business of Miami Beach and South Beach Towing. Today, South Beach Towing TruTv Series is the day-to-day business of Tremont Towing as the rearrangement is dramatically illustrated. The towing company created Season 4 in Gladeview by the employee of Tremont. 

Tremont Towing inc. The document’s number is G79415 and Date was filed on 18 January 1984. This is an active company. Tremont Towing is firmly known as a family-owned business and operated. 

What is South Beach Tow? TruTv Series of America. 

South Beach Tow is an American Popular Tv Series. This series is operated by Tremont Towing company. The show focuses on the exploitation of two towing companies and how they treat people by tapping their cars. This Drama series is based on day to day’s real experiences and residential parking as well as the visitor’s parking process. Some features are added to this series that are totally unrealistic, but for interesting drama, those are created. 

Tremont Towing Parking Rules and Fees 

This is a natural Oceanic view of Miami Beach, where everybody wants to spend time enjoying themselves with deep experience. But without proper knowledge or acknowledgment, many people get into trouble from here. Some facing problems like a parking zone, residential parking zone, parking tickets, and everything can be nervous if they have zero knowledge

Some points of the parking zone are totally free, here you have to pay no fee for parking on Miami Beach. But it must be for street parking. On the other hand, Garage locations are taking a fee for street parking. Alternatively, if you can take an Uber or use a free trolley, you can view the natural oceanic scenery without any parking problems. 

The general rule is that the closer you get to the oceanic view, the more you have to pay for parking. Your metered parking cost will be $4 per hour when you are in the park of Washington Street, Ocean Drive, and Pennsylvania Avenue while their lots cost will be $2 per hour. But residential parking zones or lots take $1 per hour for parking. If you want to park in the garage, you have to pay $2 per hour and $30 for a day. Metered parking on Center Drive Miami Beach and convention center Drive Miami Beach will cost the same $1 to $4 per hour. The South Beach Zone and the Middle East zone will take a fee for metered parking of $4 per hour and parking lots will cost $2 per hour

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How to get a parking permit at Miami Beach?

For driving to Miami Beach Florida road, there are two kinds of parking permits available that you can get easily. One of them is a residential parking permit and another is a visitor parking permit.

For residential street parking permits, and more information in detail, residents need to send an email to – and have to attach the application with Bank statements, Vehicle insurance, and utility bills. It will take 48 hours for processing for available permits

As a visitor, this processing period is so short and special for them. They can easily be permitted through Miami Vacation Package. This is always offered first-come, first-serve, and with limited time to process. 

When the Tremont company is accused of stealing goods from the car

The Tremont Towing company is largely used for towing service in Miami Beach’s cars. But when they were accused of stealing goods illegally taken from towed cars, the employees of Tremont Towing were denied. They also said this is their right for taking goods when any care disobeys the rules and regulations.

Tremont company is also accused of a heavyweight when they are in vehicles for taking goods, the vehicles have broken and their life dimension has decreased. That has been proven by a video recorded by Miami Beach’s residents. 

A long-experienced truck driver said about this, ‘This is straight stealing’. He identified this place as ‘Mike’.But Mike replied, “There is no reason to enter the car when cars are in the lot, but when the car identification number is covered, you need to enter this car only.”

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The employee of Tremont Towing completely disagrees with those accused and violently threatens. But the city processing this act, they are concerned about the video and record picture, and the city said, they will soon be a new right for Miami Beach residents. 

Of the two Tremont Companies, Tremont Towing is one that has a contract to tow for the city and contribute their private business on Miami Beach. 

The action Manager of Miami Beach has said, “We believe the company will be ethical who are contracted to tow for the city on Miami Beach”. He also said, “No one has complained to the police about the theft of their goods, there is no registration or report. That is why we cannot take any stand against this company.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Miami Beach have free parking?

Yes, you can get free parking. You have to pay nothing for street parking between 3 am to 9 am. For more information about this, please go to the Miami Beach website.

What time is parking free in Miami Beach?

Miami Beach’s free parking time zone is 3 am to 9 am.

Is Tremont Towing a real thing?

The program or tv series is fictionalized, but Tremont Towing and South Beach Towing are real companies in Miami Beach for towing.

Is South Beach Tow staged?

This drama’s secret points are totally open-source and based on The Tremont Towing business’s mistakes and their today’s activities. This show is scripted for Wednesday. 

Is Miami South Beach Safe?

Yes, this beach is safe but sincere about the red zone points of Liberty City, Little Haiti, parts of Miami Riverfront, Overtown, and South Beach for areas between 8th and 11th Streets.

How much is South Beach Towing worth?

This is an American popular tv show that is operated by Tremont Towing company. And finally, that’s a net worth of $250 thousand dollars.

What happened to Robert Ashenoff SR?

According to court documents, Robert Ashenoff Sr. claims he suffered a serious spinal injury while filming in September 2012 – when co-star Larry Diaz jumped on him – and he had to undergo spinal fusion surgery.

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