Top Programming Languages and Their Uses

Programming Languages and Their Uses in Our Digital Life

The world goes on, we also come back to modernism for developing and easy work in a short time. But everywhere, we are faced with computer analysis. From space airships to our offices, we use computers and others have no option except it.

If you want to settle for a corporate job, a computer is a must. Or, continuing business and home business, after all, you have to gain capability on the computer. And come back to computer work like programming. Freelancers, self workers, and the freedom of work itself are easy to go on programming.

Programming languages, and their learning process and how to start and complete a mission, for all purposes you need to understand proper guidelines. Now, I am going to talk about programming with huge details and short guidelines.

Different Types of Programming Languages

Different Types of Programming Languages

Computer working processes are mainly called programming. How does it work super quickly? And the accurate way to do it? Here, humans can make mistakes but not computers. How is it! The computer can’t do anything unless you take input. I mean, the software works on everything that is created by a programming language.

Many programming languages e.g Python, Javascript, Java, C#, C++, PHP, Ruby, Swift, SQL, Kotlin, Perl, Scala, Rust, MATLAB, Assembly, TypeScript, COBOL, Lisp, Lua, and so on.

But right now, the most popular and usages programming languages are Python, Javascript,TypeScript, PHP, Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Swift, and SQL.

You can listen to some extra languages e.g HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery etc. Don’t be confused, let me explain whatever they are in their position and works.

More About 5 Most Common Programming Languages

Some required language that you have to know and learn first without any hesitation, one says that you have done it first.

HTML-Hyper Text Markup Language

 It’s a standard markup language for display in web browsers. Online, Internet and everything that you can imagine online, everywhere and their visual part is HTML. Without HTML, nobody makes any website. It’s impossible.

We can learn HTML in gradually. There, you will find so many resources that will be easily helpful for understanding you. But, don’t take any days off while learning. Also, you can follow YouTube for gaining practical knowledge. After the learning process, you have to code yourself. It’s a must for best performance if you really want to become a web developer.

CSS- Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is a style sheet language for decorating website bodies for visualizers. Website color, a combination of design and slight effect animals are coded by CSS. It’s an outstanding language that will give satisfaction and you will feel like a programmer or designer via coding.

You can easily build a website by HTML and CSS combination uses. Also, you can search in google or youtube for viewing the whole category of the best designable website using only HTML, CSS.


It’s a library of CSS. There, you will find a lot of sources for ready-made website design. You’ve not coded a lot for design by using CSS code.CSS, the original platform has created this library for thinking of easy or easy code. In this here, you can build a website form in a short time to use with Html and bootstrap. I strongly recommend you to learn bootstrap if you are a beginner.


How wonderful! What a performance! and you can say everything positively on the behalf of Javascript. Because Javascript is only one platform, you can build an interactive website for design and development. Two major solutions are in this.

Today, Javascript is the Giant level popular language in all over the world. Also its market value is so high, if you want a corporate job at Google and other online related companies, it will help you the best. So, Javascript is must and compulsory for learning any category of market-level from the website making to Web application making, game developing, iSo app development, and android to all sectors are available.


It is a library of Javascript that is fast, smooth, and friendly. After learning the basic level of javascript language, you can start jQuery for designing websites for your entire level. It also has a lot of sources of javascript ready-made code design that you just have to know, how to use them.

But you have to know about the basic knowledge of javascript and then go to jquery. Html, CSS, bootstrap, javascript and jquery are the primary level of your web development course. First, learn those languages and then jump to the professional level of programming.

Using Sectors of Programming Languages

According to the learner’s perspective, languages are separated from some strong guidelines.
Some categories –

  • Web Development ( Website Design and Developing )
  • App Development ( App or software development)
  • Game Development ( Make a game )
  • Web Application Development ( Computer bases software )
  • iOS Development ( iPhone, iPad software development)

Now you have to decide, which is your wise to learn and your passion? Now I am going to tell you about those category-wise languages that you can sense in your own mind.

Using Sectors of Programming Languages

Web Development

Web Development is the most popular category all over the world. Even every day we have to visit so many websites for researching data or information. Have we thought about it anytime – how to build that website itself with a programming language?
Maybe we think that’s something, but if you are really ambitious to want those processes for making a beautiful website by learning computer language with absolute guidelines, so you can read this articles with your splendid attention.

App Development

Application, I mean app or software for Android and iSO, is the most common and next target of companies to announce their mobile app. So it’s market growth and highly jumping budget has made it more popular than any platform.
Everybody wants to use an application on their mobile because it’s comfortable and easy to carry anywhere. So, if you notice that the comparison between Pubge and Freefire, free-fire is the most popular than Pubg because free-fire mobile application or app is launched before Pubg.

Also, if you want to become an app developer, it’s a splendid decision. Without any confusion, you can start it with a smart guideline. Now, I am going to tell you about its short introduction to languages. I recommend you start developing applications with Javascript. Because it’s an easy and fresh ground environment that will help you to learn quickly and strongly. For application development, javascript has so many frameworks that you can choose anyone for your beginner level. But I suggest you learn NativeJs.

Game Development

I think you feel a sense of realization about game and gaming platforms. Every child, every human sense directly or indirectly wants to play games on computer or Mobile.Game development is a large platform for anyone. If you demand your passion to become a game developer, I will say, it’s not a bad idea.Because gaming was popular in past, and from right now to the future, its popularity will increase. But you have to start it with the proper guidelines, otherwise, your mission will rest in the middle before becoming your developer.

Here, I will again tell you, start with Javascript for game development. Because javascript is all in one. You can build a website, web application, mobile application and game application.But Java is another option. Java and Javascript is totally different from each other. So, don’t mixed java and javascript.Java is an ancient programming language, you can say it is the mother of the programming language . So, Java is the foundation of all programming bases. You can start learning Java, it is recommended by all.Also recommend programming languages like python, which are more popular for Artificial Intelligence, data analysis, digital management data algorithm structured etc. C# and C++ are also used largely for game development.

iOS Development

Swift is the best programming language for iOS development. It is used for Apple all programming setup development. Such as macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux and z/OS. You can also start with python, C#, C++ for iOS development.
iPhone, iPad that you use, for launched applications in their own platform, not google play store. It is a large market grounded area for flying with your programming knowledge. Also, it is difficult to learn and shift, that’s way, competition is low.You can start your career with the iOS programming language.

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