PSD Underwear Owner: Who Owns it? What Does It Stand For?

Nothing happens, who or where did you come from? It is important for men or everyone to wear underwear. Wearing the crisis of comfortable and affordable underwear at the end of the initial journey, it finally went to the field of Atlantis. However, in this blog post, we will discuss the PSD Underwear Owner.

Curt and Ryan Flaitz own the PSD Underwear which is upstate in New York. PSD is a well-known and sophisticated Underwear Brand supported by leading names in the NBA (Ja Morant, Jimmy Butler, Tyler Hero), e-gaming (Ninja), and a deep licensing portfolio.

The owner of the PSD Underwear brand has created a huge number of followers in mainstream sports as well as, has a strong social media presence, a robust online business, and a distinct customer of its goal. 

History of PSD Underwear Owner

Firmly known the PSD Underwear is a brothers-created brand or Athletes ground of Hot Underwear Brand. But was the journey of PSD Underwear? How has it been more popularized during this time? Yes, Here has an exciting history. 

When the college kids wore only a pair of Calvin Klein Underwear on Friday nights, it was not so comfortable for them as well as so far affordable. The idea was created from the uncomfortable and big price of Calvin Klein underwear. 

Curt and Ryan Flaitz, the PSD Underwear owner, noticed it and discovered an opportunity in the Underwear market for designer Men’s box briefs. Their Designable Men’s box’s briefs were so comfortable and affordable. This was their first turning point for capturing a large market and also helped to build a sophisticated brand. 

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Who Are PSD Underwear Owner Curt and Ryan?

PSD Underwear Curt and Ryan Flaitz

Curt and Ryan are two brothers. Curt had a passion for business for his entire life choice, and Ryan was determined for Art Loving in his starting leading life. Two brothers were planning for a business to fill up the underwear crisis. Their entire goal is to fill the void by creating a different brand of Underwear and something else unique from other Underwear Brands. It was the time in 2007, two brothers Curt and Ryan founded PSD Underwear Brand which was firstly grounded in New York. PSD Underwear has spread out all over the world. 

They spend their life savings on a used RV for getting their brand rolling. They quit their jobs and started a new goal for establishing new determination. It was so challenging for them, but they have done it well. They spent the following year promoting PSD out of the RV at car shows, sports events, musical festivals, and other events. While promoting PSD underwear at various event festivals, in one of these events, the brothers first met athlete Stevie Johnson, who played for the Buffalo Bills at the time. In his next game, Stevie Johnson scored a touchdown and lifted his shirt. At that time, the PSD logo was front and center on televisions nationwide. The PSD logo was covered by ESPN and Sports Illustrated that Pants Saggin’ Dezign really took off. 

How Kyrie Irving And Other Athletes Made PSD Underwear A Hot Brand

PSD Underwear is a reputable company looking for uncomfortable and yet affordable lingerie needs for college kids. But when PSD Company was working as a specialist for athletes, trendsetters, or people who really love underwear by producing premium and affordable Underwear.

Curt Flaitz, co-founder/president at PSD Underwear – “With my brother, when we noticed the college kids who could only afford of wearing Calvin Klein underwear on every Friday, and those were not comfortable and so far affordable for them and the quality was not so good as designed, at during that time, we decided to build a company which will be a different brand from others and made more comfortable and affordable. 

I graduated with a degree in Marketing and I was passionate about starting any business. When we find an excellent opportunity to fill the void in this field for a further demand, we establish PSD underwear.“

What does PSD Underwear stand for? 

“The original artist for PSD Underwear, Ryan, who graduated from the Art Academy. He was starting Palm Springs across the country for great inspiration and promotion. He always kept a sketch for designing Palm Springs Slogan that was “Wear Your Life”. But people were thinking that was the promotion slogan of the Underwear Category so they started to say, “Pants Sagging Design”. But now, going back to 2007, People started sagging their pants and that was the style. They wear more underwear and our company started growing gradually.”

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How do you select your athletes for PSD Underwear of great promotion?

“Yes, it was really the best idea of being connected with athletes, they were assets for PSD. Their connection has made our company sophisticated and famous in front of the national people worldwide. Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler especially wore PSD before becoming part of the PSD company. They approached us and made the PSD closely determined and they asked, How can we get involved?. Anyone can endorse any brand with money as long as they get appointed on it. But they were connected closely, emotionally, and originally with this brand.

I always say, Stevie Johnson has validated our program for spreading PSD words. Stevie Johnson again became friends with Matt Barnes and Matt Barnes buddied with Snoop Dogg, from where we found triple athletes for our PSD brand that was created by trickle efforts. It’s really a turning point for our present growth. On the other hand, we always participated with a pair team, Mike Miller, who again connected with the Miami Heat. Everyone was hit with demands with a pair of LeBron, Dwade, etc. The top guys who influenced the sports world wearing PSD Underwear organically.” 

Basketball and Football players wearing your brand PSD Underwear. How many athletes contribute to the PSD brand?

“Jason Duffner is a good friend and partner with PSD Underwear Brand who is well known in the golf world. We also worked with Denny Hamlin that was very significant for our brand, and who is connected with a NASCAR driver. We also have a True timber license which is a coma company partnered by Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

We also have connections with some UFC fighters, who wore the PSD Underwear brand before fighting. Skateboarding and Motocross both are action sports whose big followings as well as the support our PSD brand. Even there was a monster truck driver, who was connected directly with our PSD brand and he wore PSD Underwear. Further away, there is no limitation on the PSD Category brand, everyone, and every age person needs a PSD brand that is so comfortable and affordable.”

Where is the origin of the design concept? And do athletes have a big part in designing their own signature series?  

“The designs are organically connected with athletes’ ideas. For example, Kyrie Irving is the most inspirational traveler for our PSD brand design. Always athletes travel for a living, so they view many unique natural and people’s purposes. In this way, they help our tailor with their own personality and create designs.”

Is your PSD Underwear different from other companies?

People want more than their usual underwear today. It must be cotton and a curtain design, not necessary to set up for all circumstances. Standing on this point, we created a unique and more sophisticated brand that is different from others in designs and several categories. It will fit any positional purposes, that can be fit while playing basketball, where you don’t need to change it one time.  

They are also affordable. Everyone is able to take 7-9 pairs one time. We are working with PSD Underwear to create more fabrics and current feels. We provide the PSD brand with premium products and such nice prices. 

“Wear Your Life” is promoting your PSD Brand?

“It was not the first time in a promotional slogan, but when people usually say, it is a ‘Pants Sagging Design’ but it wasn’t it. In this way, we generate a plan for this slogan for a promotional purpose.

Everyone must wear Underwear but sometimes they have to collect a pair of Underwear with high prices and so far affordable. We make it under a low economical zone with produce qualities and affordable. That’s why we use it as a promotional slogan. It’s time for you to say ‘Wear Your Life’ for more collections.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jimmy Butler own PSD underwear? 

No, Jimmy Butler didn’t own PSD Underwear. He is the first line of signature of box’s brief with fall though PSD brand. 

What does the PSD underwear stand for?

High-quality athlete’s underwear as well as so comfortable and affordable at a nice price. Different Designs and several cuts of choice are the core thought of PSD Brand. 

What is PSD underwear made out of?

With 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex, PSD men’s box briefs are produced. Also, feel as breathable as athletics.

Does PSD underwear restock?

Most popular items are restocked, but not everything is restocked. For more and details information, you can visit the PSD website and register with your name in an email alert. 

Who is Curt and Ryan Flaitz?

Curt and Ryan are two brothers. Curt graduated in marketing and Ryan graduated in Art. Together they founded PSD Brand in 2007.

What is Calvin Klein underwear made of?

Calvin Klein underwear is made from pure cotton for breathable comfort organically. 

How long is PSD shipping?

Standard shipping for 7-10 business days at a price of $3.99.
2nd Business Day Air* for 3 business days at a price of $7.99.
Next Business Day Air* for one business day at a price of $19.99.

Is PSD cotton?

Fabric: 47% model, 47% cotton, with 6% spandex blend, PSD is produced. Three (3) models have been made in PSD brand fabric.

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