Is Tim Curry Gay? – Know The Truth

Timothy James Curry commonly known as Tim Curry is a famous English singer and actor. He became popular for his contribution to the film “The Rockie Horror Show” as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. There is a big rumor on his sexual life that is Tim Curry gay or not rouses from his own fanbase. In this article, we will try to find out the truth about his sexual life.

Is Tim Curry Gay In Real Life?

No, he is not gay in his real life. It is only a fan-made rumor. There is no proof that can make him gay. So, we should consider him as a general man.

There is an interview where he shared a few lines about his sexuality. Those lines are given below:

Why Tim Curry is Rumored To Be Gay?

The character Tim Curry showed in the film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is one of the main reasons for being rumored as gay. In this movie, he played his character as Dr. Frank N. Furter. He played the character in such a beautiful and realistic way that people thought him as gay in his real life. For his realistic acting, he gained much fame from critics as well as fans.

Also, his character as Wadsworth from Clue, who leaned him as gay without ever explicitly. This is also a reason for giving free to such kinds of rumors about him. Moreover, another reason that made a portion of his fanbase and netizens confirmed him as gay. Because of his unmarried and childless life.

However, such kinds of rumors about celebrities like him are common. As they love to keep their relationship personal and some of them are the result of the characters they play on the screen.

Tim Curry’s Personal Life: Datings, Girlfriend, Wife

Timothy James Curry has no wives or girlfriends as he has never been married to someone. Currently, he is 75 years old. Still, there has no word of having a wife to date or him marrying.

Moreover, he does not have a single child. However, a few years ago in an interview, he told that he had only one love in his whole life. According to a private source, the lady’s name is  Marcia Hurwitz who was his personal agent.

Many people thought that they had been together for several years. However, the exact time of period is not mentioned on the internet. They are also reported that they have split up a couple of years before his stroke. This stroke made him confined to a wheelchair.

How Tim Curry’s Sexuality Rumors Ended

The rumors about  Tim Curry’s sexuality were ended after he declared that once upon a time he was in love with a woman named Marcia Hurwitz. She was the only girl whom he had been in love with, in his whole lifetime.

His sexual life always has been assumed because of his characters in the films. And another reason is that he kept himself single and childless all his life.

Besides, he once told that he was pretty good with his sexuality which was misinterpreted sometimes by many. But the mural of his statement was that he was a normal guy but he was not afraid or ashamed of being seen as gay.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Tim

  1.  Is he married?

No, He did not marry in his life. Though he sometimes referred to the fact that once he was “almost married” ,  ago in an interview many years before.

      2. Does he have a current partner?

Curry is remarkably a private man and always has been. He may have a partner or not but if so there is no clear public reference to them either from himself or any kind of source.

      3. Does he have any children?

No. He doesn’t have any children.

      4. What about his family?

He has only one older sister, Judith, who died in 2001. He has two nieces and a nephew. His mother died in June 1999 after a two-year battle with cancer.  His father died, when Tim was only 12.

      5. Is he from a theatrical family?

No, his mother was a School Secretary and father was a Royal Navy Chaplain. His grandfather was also a Navy and his father’s father was a builder and miner.

      6. Where does he live now?

 Currently, he is living his life in Los Angeles since 1988.

     7. How tall is he?

He is  5 feet 8 inches tall. Though he is listed in casting directories as 5 feet 9 inches he admits actually he is under this height.

     8. How old is he?

Tim is 75. He was born on the 19th of April 1946.

     9. What color are his eyes?

Tim’s eyes look green.

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