Is Behr Marquee Paint Water Based?

BEHR® Marquee Semi-Gloss Enamel No. 3900, a traditional oil-based paint that gives the paint functionality and durability and is connected to the direction of use with convenient water-based effectiveness. Everybody wants to know is Behr marquee paint water-based or oil-based.

Now your question might be, in terms of ease of use with traditional oil-based as well as water-based, what is it again?

Oil-based paints are traditionally famous and more predominant for longevity and durability. It has the flexibility to use with water. This feature is available in the Behr Marquee Semi-Gloss Enamel No. 3900 product.Let’s know is behr marquee paint water-based or not.

Considering this, is Behr Paint water-based or oil-based?

BEHR MARQUEE® INTERIOR SEMI-GLOSS is the only oil-based that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its quality is very good and can be used professionally.

The paint is made for a general application with a roller, sprayer or brush. It is ideal for application on siding and pruning. The paint resists mildew growth to maintain a primitive appearance.

Marquee is the only one in Behr Paint Formula that guarantees a one-coat. However, this guarantee only applies to one coat and other colors associated with it. Marquee paints have a high ratio of liquid to solid and have a strong profile.

Behr says in their original source that the marquee ranks first in terms of the most professional, high-quality and long-lasting color formula they have ever created. Marquee’s performance varies depending on the variety of the project.

BEHR® Marquee Semi-Gloss Enamel No. 3900


External and internal paints exist in MARQUEE. The great improvement of the interior paint has made it exceptional and prime. The Behr Marquee product is divided into 4 parts based on its effectiveness and different formulas.


BEHR MARQUEE is stain-blocking paint and primer interior mats. This is an advanced interior paint – exclusive BEHR DYNASTY and MARQUEE® interior one-coat color collection. Provides high-performance one-coat coverage with each color. This interior one-coat color collection offers a wide palette of colors in both classic and contemporary colors.

BEHR MARQUEE ™ is one of the best interior paints. It is an exclusive marquee with exceptional concealment and stain resistance Interior one-coat color collection.
Ideal for every home and provides a soft, velvety look.

  • Stain-Blocking Paint & Primer
  • Exclusive MARQUEE™ Interior
  • One-Coat Color Collection
  • Superior Stain Resistance
  • Scrubbable, Easy-Clean Finish
  • Antimicrobial-Mildew Resistant Finish
  • Lifetime Guarantee*
  • Low VOC, 100% Acrylic
  • Ideal for Every Room

In this method, is there any latex in Behr paint?

This will give your home complete natural protection. This is a 100% acrylic latex formula. It provides long-lasting durability which is mildew resistant and able to withstand maximum moisture, fade and stains.

Next, the question is, is Behr paint oil-based or water-based?

The Behr 1-gal. Accent-based semi-gloss enamel oil-based interior / exterior paint is a roller.It is designed for easy application with a sprayer or brush. It is ideal for application on siding and pruning. Prevents mild growth to maintain paint seriousness.

What is the difference between Premium Plus and Marquee Paint?

Understand the quality of the paint. Before diving into Premium Plus and how Marquee performs, it is important to understand what one paint does to a higher quality than another. The main thing is of course the formula. And while some formulas make the paint more expensive, their longevity saves you money over time.

What is the difference between Premium Plus and Marquee Paint

To get the most out of your paint, keep these things in mind:

  •  Pigment
  •  Special additions
  •  Binder
  •  Liquid ratio

Those elements are discussed below about the main perspective approach.


There are two types of pigments in the paint called prime and extender.The main pigments have color, texture, and coverage qualities, and titanium dioxide is an expensive, high-quality lead pigment.

Extrusion pigment is a type of filler that adds bulk like diatomaceous silica or clay. They can provide a variety of benefits such as controlling glossy appearance, preventing blemishes or preventing mildness.

High-quality pigments can be ground fine but cheap ones are rough. To understand this you can take a test, If you rub paint between your thumb and forefinger and feel a lot of grit, this is likely to be a less expensive formula.

Special additions

Each addition works with a wide range of pigments and binders which is a definite advantage.For example, there may be preservatives to keep the paint fresh, there may be a dispersing agent for uniform pigments or ingredients to fight bacteria and mildew.


Behr initially offers latex paint, although some oil-based alternatives are available. Latex paints contain water-based and acrylic-like binders. Binders help the paint to stick to the surface and maintain the integrity of the paint over time.High quality binders are much improved in the application and maintenance of paint, as Fine-
Ground is one such example.

Liquid ratio

A high quality paint has a high ratio of liquid to solid. Solids are pigments and binders. Liquid pigments and binders act as a vehicle for transport but do not provide any functional benefits.

What do Home Depot Experts say About Behr Premium Plus and Marquee?

Which is better, Behr Premium Plus or Marquee? When such a question was raised-

Answer- 1: Marquee provides the most durable and best coverage. Premium Plus features the lowest VOC and least expensive features, and the Ultra is the best option for protecting against scuff marks, blocking spots and preventing mild disease.

Answer- 2: Marquee is number one, Ultra is number two and Premium Plus is number three in terms of quality and price.

Marquee is really a very good quality cover but it is very difficult to work with. It is very thick and
sticky. It may stick to the roller when you brush.We think now you know is Behr marquee paint water based or not.

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