How to Increase Girth Permanently

How to Get a Bigger Girth Permanently

How to increase girth permanently is a big concern for men.Understandably, men of all ages are deeply concerned about increasing the girth size permanently. As the penis describes masculinity throughout history girth have become a problem for many men.

Back in 200 B.C., the ancient Greeks believed that the small penis was high, as shown in their drawings and inscriptions. But as a result of the various gender changes over time, this belief has changed.

Therefore, the bigger the better for most men, and comparisons with the rest of society are now important. On the other hand, there are concerns related to penile reduction.

What Causes Penis Girth Thinning

Penis thinning can happen to you if you have a medical condition or surgery. This will include patients with congenital anomalies, prostate cancer, and Peyronie’s disease.

In some cases, one of the most common risk factors for erectile dysfunction is erectile dysfunction. There is growing evidence that penile contractions can be found in non-surgical treatments for prostate cancer.

However, the most common cause of penis thinning can be seen in male patients with Peyronie’s disease. Therefore when the disease is compounded or circulating, the extension of the tunica albuginea is prevented, resulting in narrowing of the penis.

Measuring Penis Girth Size

Obviously, when it comes to penis size both length and girth, it does not always focus on the length but rather on the girth as well — the average penis size when the flaccid is 3.7in or 9.31cm.

On the other hand, the vertical center circle is 4.6in or 11.66cm. Some men have larger girth sizes than others, so sometimes differences can be a problem for them.

This leads to a comparison of penis size when some men feel frustrated. Social and psychological consequences are unavoidable, including social ills, insecurity, and fear of relationships.

Why Man Needs to Increase Penis Girth

Many men feel the need to increase the size of their penis girth in order to be more confident and satisfying and to impress their partners. This is called the Phallic identity, which focuses on the idea that the penis is central to identity and is figuratively powerful.

This is the tendency of men to claim ownership of their penis, and where it emphasizes the belief that the bigger the better. In fact, this is a profound myth that could continue to this day and age.So, naturally, men may look for ways to increase girth size.

5 Ways to Increase Girth Permanently

Clamping to Increase Penis Girth

This procedure requires that you tighten the erect penis so that you can prevent the blood from returning to your body. Do this from the base if it is straightforward.Be aware that this can irritate cells and tissues more than normal as it keeps blood from leaking out of your penis. Tissues will eventually grow so that they can carry the upper limit as they will increase the size of the girth.

Use protective wraps when using a strap to fasten the base of your penis. This will reduce any discomfort as it acts as a soft padding between the clamp and the shaft.You can do this for about 5 minutes on your first attempt. Just increase the duration to 10 minutes in the next sessions.

Be aware that this can create an unusual amount of pressure on your limb, leading to nerve damage, nerve damage, numbness, and even difficulty keeping your posture.

Jelqing to Achieve Larger Girth

If you want natural ways to increase your grith, this method will help. Don’t just use your hand to do the same exercise.You should only use your thumb and index finger by making the letter “o.” Then, place this near the base of your schlong out and squeeze to keep the blood from eventually running down your body.

This will only increase the tissue around your penis and increase penis bonding over time. However, you should be aware that jelqing exercises can cause scratches.Do this carefully because it can cause nervousness and nerve damage over time. It can also cause difficulties in achieving an erection.

Pumping to Enlarge Penis Girth

Similarly, the size of the girth can be increased using pumping to form a vacuum around the hole. The air from the penis will be removed, and the tissue will be slightly swollen.This procedure will create negative pressure to improve blood flow to the penis and increase penile girth.

However, you should be especially careful when using a pump because overuse can end up damaging your tissues as it can rupture due to excessive blood flow.Penis extender machines are also an effective way to increase size naturally.

Manual Stretching

You just have to use your hand to massage the muscles in your shaft to stretch the skin and create small tears. When these cool down, the tissues will look fuller, making your manhood look longer.At the same time, it may increase girth, as does jelqing, which focuses on cutting tissue. But you should be consistent in performing the procedure to see the results.

Some devices can also be used to increase girth size with the same effect as stretching. You can use a cylinder-shaped penis pump to create instant gratification as it eventually enlarges the shaft with regular use.It is unclear how they will actually work due to very little research to support its claim.

Penile Girth Surgery

In addition to the natural ways of increasing girth, you can also use surgical procedures. Another way to do this is to put fat from other parts of your body on the shaft.Tests show that the oil to be transferred to the penis must be pure and complete. This can be taken on the sides, lower back, abdomen, or thighs.

However, the skin of the penis near the shaft may have a small blood supply, proving that the oil connection may not be reliable in some tests. This can lead to side effects such as lumpiness due to fat necrosis.Surgery may also include medical grade silicone placed under your penis to make it look longer and wider. In fact, people who have tried this procedure have seen the length and girth increase around their penis from 1.5 to 2.5 inches while flaccid and straight.

However, any type of surgery can lead to serious side effects due to the use of nerves. If you experience side effects for more than a few days, you should see your doctor immediately.

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