How Many Quarters in a Football Game?

How Many Quarters in a Football Game?

How many quarters in a football game : There are many things to consider in the game of American football, the quarters being one of them. Here will be discussed, how much time the players will play and how much rest they will take after a certain time. Many of them don’t have a clear idea about the quarters, so we will discuss the American football quarters in detail.If you want to know more about the quarters of an American football match, you have to stay with us till the end so that you can get a definite idea on how many quarters in a football game.

American Football and Its Quarters Explanation

American football is a game that not only amazes us with spectacular matches, great players and great games but it always has more to give, more to show us.However, many of them do not know all the rules, among them we find each quarter and the length between them.

American football matches have four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes. The game usually ends with four quarters in a one-hour match. In these four quarters, the players have the opportunity to re-evaluate their strength.When the ball goes off the field, time is stopped.

Even when the player becomes instantly ill for a while. Any offense or fault can take a few minutes at the clock stop, and if a team gets a touchdown, it takes time to celebrate after the score. Due to all these stops in the game it usually lasts up to a quarter or even twice.

The 15-minute quarter ends not only at a certain time, but also takes some extra time for performing. Each quarter is a battle, a competition, a struggle to stay ahead for which many fundamental rules and disciplines have to be maintained and here has taken extra time into a 15 minutes quarter.However, we can say that each football quarter is not only a 15-minute time, it is a more extended time in which spectators wait and enjoy throughout the season. Throughout the season, there is a fair of joy and competition among the spectators. I think now you know how many quarters in a football game.

how many quarters are in a nfl football game

Why are Quarters Designed? Is It Just for Play?

No, the quarters were not designed only for a formal rule policy of the game. The quarters are designed to re-energize the players and allow them to start again with adequate rest.Each quarter lasts 15 minutes and the team coach can take a break that lasts 2 minutes. There is a rule here, giving breaks between the first and second quarters and the third and fourth quarters. This means that there are two breaks, between two quarters each.

There is a 12-minute break between the second and third quarters. During these 12 minutes of leisure, the players rest. In addition, team coaches use this time to improve team squad performance, give tips to players, teach techniques and other tasks.This break is crucial to reviving a team. Various tips and tricks from coaches that create an atmosphere of excitement on the field.This quarter is essential which gives the players the opportunity to change the content they need. Which ultimately helps to create an exaggerated thrill of the game.

Score in Two Quarters, Defense in Two Quarters!

As mentioned above, an American football match technically lasts one hour and is divided into four. There are two teams, which are located side by side. A team that covers the left and the right and has one team on the defensive side and the other on the offensive side. Both teams have two tries to attack and two to defend. Therefore, every two quarters there are two attacking parts and two defensive parts which last for about 30 minutes. The chances of two attacks and two defenses may change if the team loses their ball to the other team.

Has It Always Been the Same Match Time?

Well, the beginnings of American football were a little "violent." It is a game made up of two more games, rugby and soccer. In the beginning, the total time per match was ninety minutes, consisting of two halves. Similar to football, of course.

Some time later, at the end of the nineteenth century, time was reduced from ninety minutes to seventy minutes and divided into two parts, two extra fifteen minutes to change each field.Those seventy to ten minutes were allotted to the band and their show. In 1910, the committee established a division of time into what we know as quarters. From that moment on, the game time is divided into two periods of thirty minutes, divided into four halves,and free time between the second and third.


Some Special Points on Quarters in a Football Game :

● If time runs out and the board is dead dead, fifteen extra minutes start again and the team that scores first will win.
● When the second and fourth quarters reach their last two minutes, the clock stops and gives a two-minute break called the two-minute Warning; This rule only applies to the NFL.
● Between the second and fourth quarters, a free time (break) can run for the same amount of time as the first two quarters.
● Only thirty seconds for time-out period
● It takes thirty to forty-five seconds to shoot a quarter ball.

Are You Aware of the Time in American Football Now?

Anyone can easily get involved in this game by understanding these basics. And if you are new, you may get into trouble because of the confusing nature of these complex issues. However, if you understand the technical aspects well, you will be able to enjoy this game better than others.

If you are interested in playing this healthy game, you have no alternative to jump on the field. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from your familiar friends and acquaintances. If you prioritize your own interests and if this is the game of American football, you will not be disappointed. Because, this colorful and healthy game will give you a sharp experience. With a bright future.

Know All About American Football Game

One of the most popular competitive sports in the United States is American football. It is also known to us as “attacking football” or “grid”. The game is interesting to watch and play as it is a perfect combination between the physical gameplay and the strategy of the two competing teams. Teams score by knocking the ball off the goal post.

The general strategy of the game is to pass the ball between team members, roll it, or pass it to another team member. A team can earn points in a number of ways. The team with the most points in the game wins when the relevant time is up.

Although American football is strikingly similar to Canadian football, there are significant differences between the two. In the United States, football can be broken down into several tiers, e.g. B. High school, college, and pro football. Each game has its own rules. The professional soccer team is known as the “National Soccer League”.

But soccer is not only popular in the USA. The sport is very popular in Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Israel, Austria and many Pacific countries. American football is governed by the International Football Association of the five continents where the game is played.

The history of the game goes back to much older forms of rugby union and association football. American football can be said to have evolved with several variants of the game of rugby, and the rule changes were formulated by Walter Camp, known as the “father of American football”.

However, professional football was not introduced until 1892. The Ohio League was founded in 1903 and is considered the highest professional league. The American Professional Football Association was formed in 1920 and changed its name to the National Football League, better known as the NFL, a few years later.

When playing football, the field must be 360 ​​× 160 feet. In the game, the scoring area is called the “end zone”. The game begins with a coin toss that determines which team is chosen. The game is divided into four 15-minute quarters, with a 12-minute break after the end of the second quarter.

Players can get the ball into their own end area by rolling it in their hand, called a run, or by throwing the ball to a teammate. American football has become an important part of American life, much like the American lottery. Just as other countries around the world can play and enjoy American Football, you can play the American Lottery in your own country.

History of American Football

history of american football

As I mentioned earlier, this sport evolved from an adaptation of rugby and football that began when Harvard and McGill University decided in 1867 to play a series of 3 games against each other while the Harvard team was playing the game in Boston (which was similar). ). football) and McGill played rugby.

As there were no over-regulated rules at the time and there were always differences between them, the rules of the games between universities changed over time until they moved further and further away from rugby.

Today, the sport has even surpassed baseball in popularity in the United States, with the NFL Super Bowl Finals being one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sporting events of the year in the country.

Summary of American Football Game

The soccer game consists of points scored by two teams of 11 players each on the field. It is a very strategic sport with many games that make the game more complex and fascinating.

The game is divided into four periods of 15 minutes each, making a total of 60 minutes, but the clock stops in a number of situations, e.g. when the ball goes out of bounds, a team scores or a pass is missed. the ball before it hits the ground.

The game starts with a kick-off (one team throws into the other team’s field from 35 meters and the throw-in is taken with the throw-in) at the beginning of each half when some teams score.

Each team’s coaches are also allowed, as in other sports, to call time, which provides a brief pause for the coach to communicate with his team or break the rhythm of the other team. Each team is eligible for 3 rounds.

How to Play American Football

Unlike most team sports, where play is dynamic, with both teams attacking and defending at the same time, this is no longer the case in American football.

While 1 team is attacking, the other one is defending. If that changes, the line-up of the team will change as well.

Each team has 4 attempts (or failures) to advance 10 meters. If it fails, it will attack the defending team and vice versa.

Usually, when you are already on attempt 4, the team makes a shot, that is, a shot, sending the ball as far as possible from its lane so as not to risk losing the ball (and attacking). ) is very close to you.

Score System

In short, there are two ways to score points. The first to score the most points is the famous touchdown, which consists in taking the ball to the end of the opposite square, End Zone, located on the last 10 meters on either side (considering the terrain with 120 meters) . From the moment the game enters this area with the ball, the team scores 6 points.

After that, the team that scores the goal has two options: Either choose an extra point, which is a 12-meter shot between the two “goals”, which scores 1 point, which is the most common because it’s relatively easy. It’s pretty close now.

The team can also choose to convert, which is an opportunity to score another touchdown from 2 yards, with that touchdown being worth 2 points.

Finally, at any time, the team can try to bat the ball to try to hit the opponent’s goal post, and players usually only do so when they are more than 20 or 40 yards away. go to 4th attempt at progression, don’t hit.

Firstly, this shouldn’t go too far, since it’s very difficult to shoot as far as possible, and if a field goal is missed, the opposing team will return the ball to where it was kicked.

Exchange of Possession Ball

The teams change ball possession and thus the functions of the defensive attack and vice versa in the following situations:

Do not advance the 10 yards: if the attacking team cannot advance 10 meters after 4 descents, they must return the ball to the opponent; Field Goal Failed – If you lose while scoring a field goal, the defending team takes possession of the ball and starts moving forward at the point of the shot.

Fumble: So, a player drops the ball because he couldn’t catch it after a pass, or more commonly, after a violent tackle that forced him to fumble the ball. It stays in play and can be retrieved by the opponent.

Punt: Again, when teams are on fourth down to score 10 yards, they often go back to batting to knock the team off the rim and turn the ball in one shot.

Interception: When a player catches a pass in mid-air, the defending team automatically takes possession of the ball.

Football Equipment

American Football Equipments

A lot of equipment is used in football, more than in most sports, most of which are protective gear for the player. Now we will list these tools.


The ball is usually made of leather, stitched with lace and has an oval shape, making it more streamlined than a round ball and ideal for rolling.


Made of very hard plastic, it protects the player’s head and is additionally protected by a surface facing the grill, but also retains the view. It is also part of the player’s team.


They wear different treadmills that protect them in different places, from shoulders, chest, knees, hips and thighs.


They wear special football gloves to increase grip and help players keep the ball.

Pants and Shirt

They have no specific function, they are just part of the uniform where the team colors and symbols appear. Likewise, the player’s number and name can be identified.

Football Shoes

Because grass is grass, players use a needle stop to get more ground contact.

Most Popular American Football Faults

Most Popular American Football Faults

Yellow Flag: The referee will send a yellow flag to the ground to indicate a foul or penalty and alert the players, coaching staff and other referees;

Game Width: The attacking team has 40 seconds to restart the game. Otherwise he will be penalized with a 5 meter penalty.

False output: For a valid game start, the players in possession must come to a standstill. Only one player (not the first) may move, always parallel to the scrimmage line. Any movement by another player to simulate the start of play is considered a foul and the penalty is a 5 meter throw.

Off Side: Marked when one of the defending team’s players crosses the line of scrimmage before play begins. As a penalty, the defense takes 5 meters back

Holding: During a play, only the player holding the ball may be caught or held. Everyone else can only force themselves. If a forward reaches the defender, his team will be penalized with a 10m rebound. If a defender holds a forward, their team loses 5 yards and the attack wins the first auto KO.

Pass interference: A defender may not rush an attacker or do anything similar to get him to the ball. They can only come into contact with the ball. In this case, the team continues the attack from the spot of the foul and counts as a first down.

Personal foul: Hitting an opponent with the helmet on their head or knees, disarming them off the field, or anything else the Referee deems unplayable and unsportsmanlike. A 15 meter penalty will be awarded and counted as a first try.

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