Can Amazon Deliver To PO Box ?

Are you from those people who are asking “Can Amazon Deliver to PO Box?”This guide is only for you. Amazon is an American multinational e-commerce company that focuses on cloud computing, artificial intelligence and digital streaming. It has been considered the most influential economic force in the world.

CIRP shows that it has 147 million prime members in the United States and 200 million worldwide. They always offer diverse delivery options to their customers. Customers are their first priority, for this reason, they are number one in the world.

They also offer diverse shipping customers services. Their main goal is to provide convenient services with 100% customer satisfaction.

Now, let’s jump back into the question.

Can Amazon Really Deliver to PO Box?

Yes, Amazon can deliver to PO boxes. For that, you have to go within some fixed rules. To get your order to the PO box you have to fill your PO box shipping address correctly. Give your full PO box shipping address in one line field.

If you order following the guide, Amazon will accept your PO box shipping address. And within a few days, they will send your parcel via USPS to your preferred address.

So, this is the answer to your question. But there is a lot of things which you should know about. Continue reading.

Does Amazon Deliver All Packages to PO Box?

Now, we know that Amazon can deliver to PO box. Just set your PO box address as your shipping address in one line. Fulfill all of the requirements of Amazon shipping also.

But what if, the size of your package is too large for your PO box. Then how you can overcome this situation to get the order to your preferred PO address.

Don’t worry,we are here to solve your problem. Post office has its own way to handle the package issues. We just have to find out the way so that you can get all kinds of packages to PO box.

Solution for Big Size Package

At first, you will get a notification in your PO Box. This will tell that your package was delivered but was too large for your PO Box.You will be notified to pick up your item in the post office counter. You will have almost 15 days to pick up your parcel.

The first problem post offices face for shipping a larger parcel is that it does not fit into the box. For that, they place the parcel in a locker and send the key to the owner of the box.

If the order appears to be bigger than the largest locker, you have to be asked to claim it at the counter.

One another reason a post office can choose to leave a notice inside your PO Box instead of the main parcel is when the item you request a signature upon delivery.

A Handy Guide

There are many private shipping companies like DHL, FedEx and UPS.  They do not deliver their parcels to PO Box. So, do not make this type of mistake of approaching any of them.

Only United States Postal Service (USPS ) can deliver mails or parcels to a PO Box. As consider PO Box like a physical address. Unfortunately, DHL, FedEx  and UPS need unique physical locations and don’t consider any kinds of PO Box.

How You Can Use PO Box As Your Shipping Address On Amazon

If you want to get your parcels delivered to  PO Box, you have to fulfill your shipping address in an accurate way.

Amazon is one of the leading organized e-commerce companies in the world. And that you can find out when you will visit their online store to make a purchase.

Amazon will let you know if it is possible to send an item via PO Box or not. Before making a purchase, you will find a pop-up containing this information on your screen.

Here is the complete guide on how you should fill in the shipping address to let them know you want the parcel via PO Box.

Step 1: Access your Amazon account

how to create account on amazon

You have to be a member by creating an account to buy products from Amazon. So, first, let’s confirm that you already have a consumer account with the company.

If you have no account yet don’t worry. You can create one easily by visiting the platform to sign up. It takes only a few minutes. Just remember to use a valid and active email address. It’s better to use your general life used gmail to keep the login details in mind.

We will go for the next steps when you logged into your account.

Step 2: Head to checkout

Well, the next process is very straightforward. At first, go to the “Your Amazon cart”  option which is located at the corner of the top right-hand. Then click the icon “Proceed to checkout”.

Well done, you are done with this step. Proceed to the next stage.

Step 3: Fix your shipping address

Your PO Box address line should be in one field. Make these changes at the checkout page.

Now, you can think then what about the 2nd address line? Don’t think about this. You don’t need to add any address in this line.

If you do this, they might skip your request for delivering to your PO Box and keep the line 2nd address by default. You do not want that.

So that’s all. You have told Amazon to deliver your item to the given PO Box, and they will do it as soon as possible.

Pros And Cons of PO Box Shipping From Amazon

Whether you’re buying the product for reselling or personal use, you have to decide first how you want to ship your item from Amazon, according to on shipping cost.

However, most people prefer delivering products to their PO Boxes as of the benefits. But should not forget that PO Box also boasts diverse cons.

So, before the final decision, it is best to weigh up the cons and pros of PO Box delivery. Let’s take a look at them.

The Pros:

Faster delivery: The United States Post office hosts PO Box. For that, delivery will be much faster for direct parcels. Because USPS personnel do not have to travel a lot of miles to a residence or an office to make a delivery.

Steady address:  Even if you are among them who change location a lot, you’ll have the steady address, you should thank to PO Box. This means you will never miss any important mail, whether it is from an institution, the government, or a potential employer.

Easy access to mails: One advantage of a PO Box address is that you can access your important mail anytime in almost all locations. They always operate 24 hours a day.

Notification: There are also premium PO Box services. If you’re using this type of service, you will get notifications whenever your parcel reaches at the post office.

Easy to manage: Digital technology has made it possible for consumers to manage their PO Box online. For that you can operate this from your home.

Better security: If you’re trying for the most secure medium to send your items, PO Box will be the best choice.As PO Box is located in the post office, which is usually under high security.

Access to the box is also via a combination lock or a private key. So, it is sure that your parcel would remain secure in your PO box until you come to claim it.

Your home address and personal information are also secured from the public.

The Cons:

Limited shipment options: Only United States Postal Service can deliver parcels to PO Box. FedEx, DHL and UPS are unable to do it.

Size limitation: There is a limitation to what you can keep in your box, according to its size. United States Postal Service will also set your product aside if it is unable to contain your PO Box.

Age restriction: Everybody should be 18+  to own a PO Box.

Raises doubt in sellers’ minds: Just think asking a seller to ship a shirt to your PO Box. Being private is well, but most of the sellers might take it as the wrong way. They might think of you as a fraud.

For increasing the fraudulent activities in the e-commerce market, consumers are now wiser to check every information before approving the order.

Misuse of a physical address in your contact details would make you a scammer in front of them. Most of the buyers don’t care to find out if it is a PO Box address. Even some people don’t know that PO Box address can be his preferred choice.


Can amazon deliver to PO box? That was the question. And we find out that is yes. However, you should keep in mind that not all companies ship to PO Boxes. Companies like FedEx, DHL and UPS must need a physical address. PO Box is not a physical address for them.

USPS happens to be the only company that ships to PO Boxes. It treats the PO Box as a physical address. So, if you’re looking to ship items to a PO Box, understand that you have limited options.

Finally, we come to an end that now you could cause Amazon to choose your PO Box, including all the cons and pros of using PO Boxes.





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