129 Text Message: What Does That Mean?

Sometimes you may receive text messages from the number 129. As you have no idea about such kinds of numbers you may feel uncomfortable getting such kinds of text messages. So, in this article, we will know all about 129 text messages.

What is 129 Text Message?

129 text message is especially not only advertising by the company or tracking your connectivity but also spoofing with you for deeper information. 

129 text message is so closely related to messaging someone while hiding the original phone number and instead of using 129 caller number. It’s really confusing. 

This is a Phone Service Option, not Third Party 

Every operator contains their phone service number. 123, 124, 129 etc. When you want to call anyone, the phone service customers care to take you to an option for voice mailing. In this option, you can call anyone by text message or voice mail by their operator’s number. It’s not any third-party number

But it is not always true, sometimes these concepts can hack your all information. So read the concepts below. 

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Deep Analysis of 129 Text Message 

Probability One

Suppose, your girlfriend is not in your connectivity for your breakup. If your relationship was so good and understanding and also had so many memorable facts, that’s the reason your girlfriend can track you in order to break up. 

She can create different plans for tracking you whether you are in the present location or something else. She hides her phone number and calls you by using different confusing caller numbers like ‘129’.  

Probability Two

Hacker Company, when you first submit your online order from any e-commerce site(*), you can track yourself for other information. Like hacking your passport, master card, necessary documents, or may else they have needed. 

*E-commerce site: There are no eCommerce sites that don’t take privacy. But some sites may use it for scamming. Be careful. 

They usually target T-Mobile customers by sending ‘129 text messages”. There is an option for sending voicemail to take a page field for that. 

Some hacking or tracking companies sometimes use this scam to trick customers. But when you call back, it won’t take any responsibility. Sometimes, you can send back a message if they permit you to do this. This is an internal option that can be used by the sender, not you. 

Some ‘129 text messages’ contain links or paths. You can see the more valuable or money-related text but the condition is when you click the link you can achieve it. 

spamming by Sending 129 text messages

Probability Three

“129 text message” is a text message service. Anybody can use it to hide their original number. There are available applications to use alternative numbers instead of hiding original numbers. If you search google for hiding number applications for mobile or desktop, I am sure you will find as many applications as you wish. 

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What’s the Danger about ‘129 Text Message’ 

Yes, be careful before clicking or sending any information against receiving messages from 129 numbers. This is a smart way to avoid 129 text messages. 

But some messages contain several pieces of information according to the real customer’s feedback. Suppose, one message contains, “Please call ‘1245*****’ ”, here if you think this is a real number and if you predict anyone like your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can call back the containing number like above ‘1245*****’. But usually, you can avoid these texts. 

129 Text Message and People Realization 

Oh no! Maybe ‘129 text messages’ hacked my phone. What will I do now? Don’t worry, these messages don’t hack your phone until you click or take any action against those messages. 

Don’t think about only 129 number’s text messages. There will be responses by using several numbers of three-digit, four-digit, and five-digit. 

Frequently Asked Question 

What does 129 mean in a text?

129 text messages is a natural number like 130, 128, etc. T-mobile service’s number is also 129. This text doesn’t mean your phone is hacked, just don’t click any link if you find 129 text messages. 

How do I report spam text to T-Mobile?

If you want to report spam text to T-Mobile service while providing 129 text messages, you have to do the following:

1. Select the text message that you receive by 129.
2. And send to 7726 by pasting text messages. 
3. Ok, confirmed the report. 

Country Code Phone Number of 129 

This is Canada’s country phone number code. Phone number code of Canada: 129 or +129

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